Dedicated for over 30 years to design, consulting, construction, specialized equipment, operate and monitoring water treatment systems.

Depuragua daily purify over 7.4 million gallons of water within Costa Rica and Panama.



Experience in every drop



Business Philosophy

  • Services with strong environmental commitment, sustainability and low impact over future generations.

  • Specialized services according to the clients needs, regulations and project´s particularities.

  • Warranty of excellence in our services and products, achieving 100% compliance of industry standards and local regulations.

  • Efficient designs.

  • Team work.


Products & Services


Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment plants design

(drawings/blue prints, operation manuals and maintenance).

Permits and procedures

(construction and operation permits).

Wastewater treatment plants construction (fixed price),

including civil works, equipment and start-up.

Management, operation and maintenance

of wastewater treatment plants (monitoring and local agencies reports).

Wastewater treatment plants additions and refurbishment (remodeling),

domestic and industrial use as well.

Final disposal of wastewater systems,

onto land or water (surface water bodies, wetlands, lagoons, irrigation, evaporation, construction).

Equipment supply

(pumps, aeration blowers, MEP) and materials (biological compounds, microorganisms, grease removals, natural flocculants).

Grease traps maintenance.

Septic tanks and wastewater anaerobic ascendant filter.

Wastewater consulting.

Portable wastewater plants,

capable of operation in remote locations (construction projects, natural emergencies attention, massive events).

Wetlands and oxidation ponds (lagoons),

for residential and industrial use as well. Constructed wetland (biofilters).


Drinking water treatment

Drinking water plants,

design and construction.

Design and construction of infrastructure

(intake-supply, pipelines, storage and distribution).

Permits and procedures

(construction and operation permits).

Desalination plants.

Supply, installation and maintenance

of filters/purifiers/dispensers (activated carbon, UV).


Surface water

Stormwater detention and retention systems,

design and construction.

Stormwater and sanitary sewage.

Channel drainage surface water systems

(manhole covers, access covers, drainage gratings).


Specialized water applications

Master plans consulting.

Swimming pools, design and construction.

Irrigation pumping systems.